The News of Umrah and Hajj

The latest news and activities related to the Hajj and Umrah
Deterrent penalties against the companies transport pilgrims phantom violation2014-06-02
Detection and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Hajj for Hajj Affairs, Dr. Nasser Hussain Sharif on the transfer of 52 companies to the Commission for consideration of the…

Minister of Hajj: Customize the camps of pilgrims before the month of Ramadan2014-05-28
The Minister of Hajj Dr. Bandar bin Mohammed Hajjar, the allocation of camp sites in the holy sites for pilgrims abroad, which was delivered two weeks ago, will…

Saudi Minister of Hajj : 7 Electronic gates For the passage of buses electronically.2014-01-19
Saudi Minister of Hajj Announced that 7 elctronic gates at 7 points At the entrances to Mecca Will start working out In the next pilgrimage season.